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Security Risk Assessment

Security Risk Assessment

Risk, Threat and Vulnerability Assessment

Before mitigation plans can be made and countermeasures deployed it is essential to understand the security risks that exist.

Whether you represent a multinational corporation with offices all over the world, an Olympic Park, a Hospital or any other type of facility, it is difficult to secure it in an effective way without understanding the prevailing security risks. AGG’s unique Risk, Threat and Vulnerability (RTV) process, which is based on the principles of ISO 31000:2009, Risk Management – Principles and Guidelines, has been developed to ensure that Threats and Vulnerabilities are identified and understood before strategic decisions are made. We can calculate the scale of the identified security risks and by providing a quantitative assessment of any environment, enable a prioritised approach to mitigation.

Our team of skilled Security Risk Consultants will conduct comprehensive research and investigations and work with Stakeholders to develop an accurate understanding of a clients risk profile.

It’s not just about identifying and quantifying risks that you may be exposed to. We can work with you to create an integrated mitigation plan to eradicate or reduce the potential impact that each risk might have. This integrated methodology will include the following review of your organisation or operation:

  • Current security strategy, including all systems and procedures
  • Physical assets such as buildings, contents, plant and equipment
  • People, including staff, visitors and contractors
  • All business data and sensitive information held on corporate IT systems
  • Supply chain and all third party suppliers
  • Company processes, such as recruitment and vetting
  • Activities that may attract terrorists, cyber crime and other criminal activity

Our recommended solutions are tailored to your specific business need and take into account the risk appetite of the organisation, the available resource levels as well as potential budget. As independent security advisors, you can be safe in the knowledge that our advice is impartial and unbiased and our only objective is to reduce security risks and improve operational effectiveness.