Securing Futures!

AG Armour Group was established to meet the ever demanding and changing needs of today's modern security sector. We have worked with Governments, Military organisations, Police Forces, Corporate and Private Individuals both in the UK and Internationally. AG Armour Group always strive to offer bespoke designed, high quality, accurate, safe and cost effective solutions to our ever increasing client base. 

AG Armour Group’s mission is to design develop and manufacture products and solutions best suited to the numerous needs of new and existing customers. Our skilled employees and professional managers are committed to offering a world-class service in photonics.

The AG Armour Group bespoke range of designed equipment and services always meets the exacting requirements of anti-terrorist, criminal policing, immigration, customs and military operations, as well as corporate and private sector activities within the United Kingdom and overseas. Our Senior Management team have the added benefit and advantage of having served within the military and security industry at the highest level. This unique and unrivalled synergy of experience ensures that our staff are always fully conversant with both operational requirements and the ever present need to provide a timely service that is always striving to achieve a more cost effective solution for the client.

AG Armour Group provides a range of products and services in to the security and protection industry to government, corporations and private individuals.

  • Ballistic Armour - Personal, Aircraft Platform, Marine Platform and Vehicle Platform Armour
  • Body Worn CCTV - Live Stream
  • Procurement Services - Product Sourcing
  • UK-Based Manufacturing - Ballistics, Tactical Nylon Products and Clothing

Head Office UK: +44 (0)845 388 0474 Libya: +218 91 492 2227
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