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Audax Body Worn Video cameras are at the forefront of fully mobile, digital evidence gathering technology which focuses on the delivery and development of mobile digital evidence gathering products and services. The Audax body camera works in partnership with the Police, Emergency Services and Security Industry to provide plug and play mobile solutions that meet “evidence secure” technology requirements. We offer some of the most knowledgeable experts in the industry which also means that, as well as groundbreaking innovative solutions. We are the worldwide sales and distribution leaders in developing ‘Head Camera’ technology – the Body Worn Video System – which has been an instant and continuing success story with Police Forces and other organisations in the UK and throughout Africa, America, Australasia and Europe. Our Headcam Solutions are in use with over 50 Police Forces Around the World.

Head Office UK: +44 (0)845 388 0474 Libya: +218 91 492 2227
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