Securing Futures!

Veterans Stand Together is a UK 'non-profit' charity organisation, founded in early 2018. Veterans Stand Together has the passion, vision and desire to ensure the charity becomes a leading national and international 'non profit' charitable organisation providing the provision of long-term employment opportunities within the civilian workplace for our  brave military, police, emergency and security services personnel.

Men and women from the military, police and security services spend years adapting to roles and gaining valuable skills experience. They develop qualities that are readily transferable and in demand within the civilian workplace. However, transitioning back to civilian life can be a challenging period for many of the 20,000+ leavers each year. This is where the Veterans Stand Together charity can help offer critical and much needed support in assisting leavers with the transition inevitably facing them and making the first steps towards civilian employment as positive and as smooth as possible.

Without exception, our charity's trustees and management team are passionate about supporting our veterans and assisting them in settling back into civilian life. This in turn allows our communities and businesses to directly benefit from the skills and experience these individuals bring with them after serving in the military or police. Our team has first-hand experience and completely understands the struggles that face our highly motivated and experienced ex-service personnel when seeking new employment after dedicated service to their country.

Our unique charitable 'non-profit' organisation has identified the need to support this gap and therefore is spearheading a campaign to provide career opportunities in an environment in which our ex-service personnel can show their potential for career progression along with their ability to deliver an excellent service. Veterans Stand Together insures we invest in our veterans as our number one priority.

We can only achieve our goals with your support, and by seeking out and encouraging industry leaders, celebrities and executives to come together and work with us as part of an all-encompassing team to help support our ex-service personnel whom have supported you and your country for many years. Help us support this generation of highly skilled and uniquely experienced individuals and give them an opportunity to offer sustainable employment.

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